Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome to B2B Sales Blog

Dear salespeople,

Thank you for visiting my B2B sales blog.

In this blog, I'd like to share my knowledge and experiences in B2B selling. I believe that by sharing my sales knowledge, I also sharpen mine as well at the same time. I cannot claim myself as a sales expert, but the techniques I'm about to share here come from real sales world based on my own experiences.

I'll try to update it regularly with valuable contents about sales strategy, prospecting, making sales calls, closing, etc. The world nowadays is changing very fast and we need the latest sales techniques to stay ahead of competition. What works effectively today may not work well tomorrow.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, a non-English country. I'm afraid my English confuses you a little bit, as I don't really master this language. However, I'll do my best to give my best English writing.

Enjoy the reading and sell more!

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