Friday, July 3, 2009

No. 1 Sales Skill to Learn

What skill is that? It' s skill of prospecting.

What is prospecting? Simply translated, it's a method or a process of finding your potential buyers. These potential buyers are usually called as "prospects" or "leads".

Many times, I've seen so many salespeople who are weak or poor in prospecting skill. They often underestimate prospecting. They think it is less important than other sales skills like handling objections, making appointments, closing sales, etc.

I know this because that is the way I used to be when I was new in sales. I much more preferred learning skills like how to make appointments, close the sales, conduct powerful presentations, to prospecting effectively. Although I learnt a lot of those skills, I unsuccessfully made impressive sales results. I eventually realized my mistake and started to pay more attention to my prospecting technique. That was how I increased my sales since then.

I'm not saying that the other sales skills are not important. I'm saying that among all sales skills, prospecting is the one that you should put at the first priority. You must learn this first before you learn the rest of other sales techniques.

It's like building a house. It's important to learn how to build the roof, how to put the doors and windows, how to install the piping system, etc. But first of all, you must learn how to make a strong foundation to support the house. Without it, there's no use how great you've mastered the knowledge of roofing or piping system if you do not have the knowledge of building foundations.

To end this post, I'd like to leave some comments for your contemplation:

"When you've mastered skills of prospecting, the rest of your sales process would be much easier.
If you haven't, the rest of your sales process would be much more difficult."

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